Club sessions

Our regular bridge sessions are on Monday evenings (pairs), Wednesday evenings (pairs) and Friday evenings (teams or cross-imped).

Monday evening sessions are currently suspended due to low numbers. We hope to relaunch when Covid recedes.

We also run a gentler session on Monday afternoons (teams or cross-imped).

Our very popular improvers supervised session is on Thursday afternoons.

Each year we hold a number of Club Competitions, replacing a regular Monday or Wednesday session. We also stage a number of light-hearted Special Events.

All sessions are shown in the Calendar.

More details ...

More details of all these sessions can be seen by clicking their links, where - amongst other things - you will find details of the scoring and whether you need a partner or a team.

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All sessions

Hands are pre-dealt, with hand records provided at the end of play.

We use BridgeMates to enter results at the table, so the results are out as soon as the last hand has been played, and are also available on our website the same night, and via Pianola.

There is free car parking available on site.

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