Friday afternoon sessions

Like Monday afternoons, these are slightly slower duplicate sessions of 20 or so boards, perfect for those of you looking for a gentle introduction to competitive sessions.

The sessions are open to all members and guests. Stronger players are asked to avoid using complicated or difficult to understand systems, and to actively help the less experienced players develop good table practice and etiquette.

Play starts promptly at 1.30pm, so please arrive by 1.25pm.

Tea and coffee are available.

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You don't need a partner

Ideally you will bring a partner, but we will be able to provide one if you come on your own - it may even be our popular expert David Jones who will be the usual Director for these sessions.


This event is scored on the day, usually using Butler (IMP) scoring for pairs, though teams (IMP scoring) may be played at the discretion of the director.

This is initially without handicap. But the games will be registered with the EBU National Grading System, and results will at some point be handicapped using this.

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